Searching for my place in the world since 1986...

At 26, George (thats me!) is a creative marketing professional with a passion for digital technologies and identity design. He is seeking new opportunities to test his abilities in the integrated marketing communication field, with a particular interest in brand development and strategic planning.

In his current sales and marketing role George has leveraged simple cost-effective strategies to deliver 123% regional sales growth year over year. This growth is driven by targeted performance metrics, efficient advertising planning, B2B sales tactics, and event marketing. Past experience includes development of go-to-market strategies and identity packages for startup companies including: online retailer I Am Africa Clothing ( and legal-service company Prolitiga Solutions(

This website is a collection of creative thinking, writing, and work that represents the problem solving, simple solutions, and cost-effective results George seeks to produced and delivered for his clients. It is also where he tends ramble on about skiing, world travel, bar crawls, and all things that interest him. For that, he apologizes.

What I Do.

Strategic Research | Account Planning | Identity Design | Print Design | Social Media Management | Online Advertising | SEO | Advertising Copywriting |  

What I Do it With.

Adobe Creative Suite | HTML/CSS | WordPress | Microsoft Office Suite