Social Marketing on Social Media


In fall 2009 I AM AFRICA ™ Clothing was looking for a way to boost engagement on its social media properties, and drive more traffic to its online store. In order to meet these goals we worked to develop an integrative approach in which each of our communication properties work to support each other. This process began by creating an interactive blog (Tribe Life), Facebook Page, and Twitter account. It also meant creating unique content and contests to foster engagement. As we sought and listened to the feedback of our brand loyalists throughout the process we began to see our online following grow. By the end of November 2009 I AM AFRICA had all the necessary systems in place to begin converting social media interactions into product purchases.

With our systems in place we began to look for ways to generate buzz around the I AM AFRICA brand. The first available opportunity was leveraging the upcoming World AIDS Week as a promotional tool. Given the brand’s core message of African empowerment this was a natural fit, and a great opportunity to use cause-based marketing tactics.

Our goal for the campaign was to expand the visibility of the IAA brand, maximize the total number of social media interactions, and create positive brand associations by donating to charities.

How We Did It

We created a series of social media avatars using the trademarked I am Africa logo. We then invited facebook and Twitter users to change their profile picture to one of the IAA avatars, keep it that way for the duration of the week, and write on the fan page (or @mention) saying they had done so. In return, I am Africa would donate $1 for each user.

To help spread the word we tweeted, created blog posts, open facebook events to empower our audience to spread the word for us.


Wow!  We were blown away by how well this worked. The 72 hour promotion averaged almost 50 social media interactions per hour, and netted over 3800 new fans/followers for IAA’s social media properties.

New Facebook Fans 3,437
New Twitter Follows 378
Wall Posts + @ Mentions 2,800+
Blog 1,134 Unique
Store Volume 16,348 Page Views (21% Bounce Rate)